Thinking through objects world, searching for meaning in small details related to daily life.  The common history of clay with       wares is an inevitable knowledge.

    Can't help making objects with uncertain functions

    alıkoyamıyordum kendimi üretmekten eşyalar yaramaz işe




                >>>>>> 2019 DAR ALAN // CONFINED SPACE

                            Tiny Office Art Project / Embassy of Sweden Ankara


                <<<<<< 2018 BENDEN GÜÇLÜ // STRONGER THAN I AM

                        Grup Exhibition / Siyah Beyaz Ankara


                <<<<<< 2016 PARSEL // PARCEL

                       Solo Exhibition /Tilki Art Space Ankara


                >>>>>> 2015 The Sensorial Object

                            Group Exhibition / Craft In the Bay Cardiff

                        2015 Sweet Gongs Vibrating

                         Group Exhibtion / San Diego Art Institute


              >>>>>> 2012-13 ARAZİ // LAND

                        Solo Exhibition / CDA Projects Zilberman Gallery İstanbul     








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